Sharp AR-6020 Scanner Driver Settings WIndows 7/8/10/11, Linux & MacOS

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Sharp AR-6020 Scanner Driver Settings

Sharp AR-6020 Scanner Driver Settings
Sharp AR-6020

Driver scanner settings screen consists of:  

  1. Set-up screen, which allows you to select scan settings. 
  2. The preview screen, which shows the image to scan. For details about the settings of the scan, please click the “Help” button on the screen thepreview to display help.

See the image below for scanner settings

Step 1:

  1. “Scanning Source” menu. Select the location where the original is placed. The option is a “Platen” (document glass), “SPF (Simplex)”, “SPF (Duplex-Book)” or you can choose “SPF (Duplex-Tablet).
  2. “Scan Side” Menu. If you put to the two sides of the original RSPF, you can select on the side of “the left edge is the first meal” or “top edge is part of first” menu next to scan according to the original the orientation is placed.

Step 2:

  1. “Scanning Source” menu. Then you can select “standard” or “professional” for selection of the scanning mode. For details about settings, click the “Help” button on the screen to displayHelp.
  2. “Zoom Preview” Checkbox. At the time of choice, Part preview the selected image will seem enlarged when the “Preview” button is clicked. To return to the ordinary display, please uncheck. Note: To be more clear “Zoom Preview” can be used when “Platen” isNoteselected in the menu section “Scan source”.
  3. “Preview” button, Previews the document. Note: If you select “Preview” undone by immediately pressing the record [Esc] on the keyboard of your PC, or you press the button [delete] on this machine, it will not appear on the screen.
  4. “Scanning” button. You can click to the original scanning by using the selected settings. Before you do and click the button “Scanning”, make sure the settings are correct. Note: To cancel scanning scanning for the job after clicking the button “Scanning” record, you can press the [Esc] on your keyboard, or the button [delete] key or [clear all] key) or) on this machine.
  5. “Close” button. After you have finished setting the scanner, click to close the screen on a driver scanner settings.

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