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MiXplorer 6.27.4

fileman, xplorer, material, multilang, smooth

  1. v6.27.4_B1803141

    inisial M
    • Removed Numeric datetime and added Custom datetime option in the Settings > More settings.
    • Some fixes and improvements.

    • Added Kotlin and Smali syntax highlighting and fixed Markup highlighting.
    • Some fixes and improvements.

    • Improved and optimized the Code Editor.
    • And a lot of fixes and tiny improvements.

    • Check for updates...
  2. v6.25.4_B1801041

    inisial M
    • Fixed resuming the interrupted download by re-executing the task and selecting 'Resume' from the 'File Exists' dialog.
    • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

    • Improved Send-To for devices which connected via WIFI Direct.
    • Improved to use MiX for attaching net files directly in the other apps. (needs test)
    • Fixed some bugs.

    • Some bug fixes and tiny improvements.
  3. v6.24.0_B1801211

    inisial M
    • Added SendAnywhere (Experimental). Select the files > Share > SendAnywhereActivity. Tap on SendAnywhere in 3-dots menu to receive files in /SendAnywhere folder.
    • Fixed some bugs and many tiny improvements.

    • Ready for Tagger addon. It will be uploaded in Play store as a paid app.
    • Added AutoTag addon in XDA Labs. 3 requests per second for each API key! So you need to get a key from acoustid.org:...
  4. v6.21.4_B1712021

    inisial M
    • Added a new text editor (Code editor).
    • And some fixes and changes.

    • Fixed opening shared files from other apps.
    • And some other fixes and changes.

    • Fixed saving text with Windows line-break in text editor.
    • Fixed another notification issue on Oreo.
    • And some tiny changes.

    • Fixed a bug in image viewer.
    • Fixed notification...
  5. v6.20.4_B1709172

    inisial M

    • Fixed long-press issue in empty text editor.
    • Fixed a bug on sharing files.
    • Fixed a problem with MiX APK file on some devices.

    • Added adaptive-icon for Oreo.
    • Added broadcast receiver for turning servers on/off:
      Action: com.mixplorer.ACTION_SERVER
      on:true/false (optional)
      path:/path/to/folder (optional)
      Package: com.mixplorer
      Class: com.mixplorer.BroadcastReceiver
  6. v6.16_B1707171

    inisial M
    • Fixed some UI issues.
    • Added 'Allow Root' option in the settings.
    • Improved to create/open multipart 7z files (Update Archive addon).
    • Fixed some other bugs.
  7. v6.15.10_B1706302

    inisial M
    • Optimized PDF reader and PDF addon uploaded in play store.

    • Fixed some tiny bugs.

    • Fixed crash in the file browser dialog.

    • Optimized media player.
    • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

    • Fixed paranoid EncFS problems.
    • And some other tiny fixes and changes.
  8. v6.13.1.BETA_B1703271

    inisial M
    • Improved batch rename.
    • Improved Undo feature.
    • Added Move tab to left/right (Long press on tab).
    • Updated Reader/Archive add-ons.
    • Fixed and improved zooming in image viewer.
    • Added multiple page support and dual panel in landscape and fixed Find/Replace for large files. Still working on text editor...
    • Fixed too many bugs and some other changes and improvements.

    • Fixed pinch to zoom and some...
  9. v6.10.6.BETA_B1612172

    inisial M
    The latest Beta version is the most stable one!

    • Fixed HTTP server authentication.
    • Fixed opening SMB shortcut folder.
    • Fixed compressing 7z with Store level (Add-on updated).
    • Fixed FC when touching edit boxes or scrolling dialogs.

    • Added some codes to send subtitles to MX Player.
    • Added drag & drop to merge text files.
    • Improved pinch to zoom. Pinch horizontally to change columns count and...
  10. v6.9.6.BETA_B1610301

    inisial M
    • Added Pattern lock.
    • Added round icon for Android 7.1.
    • Fixed FC in Android 2.2-.
    • Added "Save in temporary folder" option for sharing cloud files.
    • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny changes.

    • Added Current and Separate folder options for extracting archives.
    • Improved "Replace all" in Text Editor for large files.
    • Improved to create playlist with folders.
    • Improved task list dialog to...