Login Admin – WIndows 7/8/10/11, Linux & MacOS

Hi, good evening! Currently I will created an article about Login Admin – – 192.168.l00.1 is the default IP address to login admin panel to change WiFi password, SSID, and router settings at Router companies such as TP-Link, NETGEAR, Huawei, IndiHome use this as their default gateway address. Login

How to login to

Follow these steps to login to admin panel settings:

  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Type or and press Enter.
    1921681001 Login Admin 19216811 WIndows 781011 Linux MacOS
  3. A login page of the router will appear.
  4. Enter the default username and password.
    Username: admin
    Password: admin or password (List of Default Router Username and Passwords)
  5. You will now be successfully logged in.

Note: Be careful when entering the IP address, most commonly 192.168.l00.1 is typed which is an invalid IP address. By typing 192.168.l00.1 in the address bar you will be redirected to the wrong location.

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